Tuesday, February 7, 2017

St. Valentine's Day

Just a fun little story. It was one year, my best friend, her close friend and I decided to have our own little party. None of us had significant others at the time. So we had a not so typical St. Valentine's Day. We bought a heart piñata, pink champagne, candy, board games, and what not.
 The night was spent laughing, singing, dancing, and smashing the piñata.

Had to have been my favorite celebration of St. Valentine's Day.

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Calla lily Ring


An Important Point to Remember

Do you remember that quote "Happy wife happy life"? Well if you forgot it, here's a refresher.

I would like to emphasize on how important it is to make a wife happy. The wife is the emotional being of the relationship. She can break you with her powers of mental manipulation.

This St. Valentine's Day, make your wife happy. Buy her the gift she deserves.

For instance this incredible Rolex.

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Rolex on APM
Till next time, XOXO's


Friday, February 3, 2017

Remeniscing of a Lovely Lady

It was a normal Friday a few years ago. It was the two of us working here, doing our daily duties. A customer came in. It was a homily Italian-esque woman, roughly 50 years old.

She was crying hysterically. I was confused as to what was going on. At first she appeared to be crazy. She was babbling on about something. Finally I realized what was wrong. She told me She just lost the diamond that was in her wedding ring from her husband that recently passed away. It was such a horrible place to be in. I felt absolutely horrible. She lost the diamond in the parking lot right outside our store. She left horrified but determined to put a diamond in it's place. As I was writing her up, she continued to bawl. then she left.

Within five minutes, that tear stained face I saw leave came back glowing and overjoyed. The woman's smile was from ear to ear as she shouted with joy "I found it!" She had found the diamond she lost. I'll never forget how beautiful that moment was, knowing how comforting a sentimental piece can be to someone.

She has been an incredible customer ever since that day, buying beautiful diamond jewelry, getting her rings cleaned and checked here.

Her items she purchased form us are very similar to pieces in our store. For instance, the T & Co. ring we have on our website: Apmetals

 Until next time,

                      Penelope Anne

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kind People on the Phone

Today was a relatively slow day at American Precious Metals. Did my book keeping updates, everyone else was working on sales through eBay, our website, in store products, etc. So here was a little spice for the day.

The phone started to ring. I go to the phone and answer
"American Precious Metals" I said in my professional and calm voice.

"Hi, do you guys buy diamonds?" said a gentleman.

I responded with a positive "why, yes we do!"

"I was wondering if I could speak with the owner."

Now I'm skeptical of the fellow's intentions. Generally when someone asks for the owner, and not anyone specific, or the owners name in a familiar way, they are trying to sell us insurance, credit card processing, phone bills, or whatever stuff that we neither want nor need.

I replied "He's rather busy. Anything I can help you with?"

"Well since you guys buy diamonds I was wondering if you guys wanted to buy my domain"

So like I suspected, the guy was selling us something. I responded in a gentle manner "I'm sorry, we're not interested."

He started saying "you don't want to make more money?" in a semi-aggressive tone and then hung up.

I almost took him up on that offer when he said more money was involved! ;) He shouldn't have been so hasty about hanging up. I hope he is prepared to be turned down for that offer in the future. Someone will most likely take his offer, but our store is very content with the domains we currently have.

There's your story for the day. A little insight into the daily endeavors of American Precious Metals.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jewelry of Judith Ripka

About Judith Ripka:
Judith Ripka was born in the Bronx in Northern New York of European immigrants. Now she is one of the top jewelry designers in the nation. Judith Ripka went to college in Manhattan and afterwards went to a designing school. She worked under Dawn Mello, who is a huge designer, up there with Michael Kors.

Judith's Jewelry:
Judith Ripka's jewelry Is beautiful and elegant. Pieces can be gaudy or simple. Most of her designs include vintage type designs, rope designs, and/or filigree. Many of Ripka's pieces include different kinds of stones; pearls, topazes, cubic zirconia. There is always a nice balance to how the stones are placed in here jewelry. Cubic zirconia's always add a beautiful accent to either the main stone or the jewelry piece. Her pieces are marked with her name and the content of the material used for the piece. For instance "925" is for sterling silver. "CZ" is intended for the specifying the stones inside are cubic zirconia.

Here are a few incredible and gorgeous pieces we have listed on our website.

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Until next time. Cheers,


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diamond in the Rough

Our store has many beautiful things come through. We also get many not so beautiful things. It's refreshing when sorting through some jewelry, I'll find something that completely catches my eye. This piece for instance was one of them. I love the combination of the pearl with the diamond set in a swirling yellow gold pendant. I also really liked the feel (the weight) of the necklace and that it was a necklace and not a mobile pendant. Liking it so much, I decided to look closer into it. On the tag was stamped "750" and on the reverse "Tiffany&Co." This was by far my favorite Tiffany and Company piece I've seen come through. We come across many gorgeous Tiffany pieces. It's worth taking a look through our eBay store (http://stores.ebay.com/apmetals?_rdc=1) and online store (www.apmetals.com). I would definitely say this piece is worth every penny you spend on it. Absolutely stunning!

Happy Shopping,

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Adding to your Jewelry Box

Okay, I may be biased, but knowing the things I do about jewelry, I love where I work. This jewelry store has so much to offer. I buy ALL my jewelry from here.

For instance, my gorgeous Claddagh Ring: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claddagh_ring
I've gotten my gold diamond screw back earrings from here.

I buy all my jewelry for my friends here.

I love every piece of jewelry I have from here and each one feels special. This place doesn't have that feel of mass production, over pricing, boring, poorly made jewelry. The jewelry is fun, innovative, gorgeous, vintage, modern, and honestly priced. See for yourselves!

Visit: www.apmetals.com

It's worth the time. Trust me.